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It all began back in 1962 when Rye Ridge Deli first opened as “The Surrey”, an old fashioned luncheonette, before being sold to Joe Witkin and Sam Small circa 1970. Harry Martin, the current owner, bought Rye Ridge on December 12, 1983.

Harry always wanted to own a kosher or kosher style deli ever since his early days when he would eat in kosher style delis in Spring Valley, NY. During high school Harry went to Boces and won a scholarship from the New York State Restaurant and Tavern Association. This enabled him to go to the Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated in 1970. Harry then worked for ARA Services (now Aramark) but always wanted his own place.

From 1983 on, Rye Ridge Deli has evolved from a very simple kosher style deli into what it is today. In 1990 Rye Ridge went through a renovation, and then expanded in 2005 after completing a major renovation. In 1998, we took over the former Simply Delectable in High Ridge Shopping Center. Two years later we renovated and expanded the then Friendly’s space a few doors down and opened the current Rye Ridge Deli in Stamford

In 1988, Scott joined Harry at the deli. Harry made sure Scott learned the business from the ground up starting as a dishwasher and then to busboy before becoming a cook and then working the counter before he became a manager. Scott graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 1998 and has been here ever since.

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